December 2015


Here at The Marketing Mix we’re always investigating the ways consumers respond to brands and their subsequent purchasing decisions. Most recently we’ve been looking at how colour affects the emotional responses of customers to brand logos. Our graphic design team have created a fun motion graphics video that explains all about colour that you can […] Essentially it’s a XSS threat, where a hacker can get behind the websites firewall and use its own code against itself. Less than 2 weeks ago WordPress addressed an issue with the comments section of their code where a comment can install a virus behind the firewall.

Melville Subaru originally came to us with a somewhat established concept, revolving around a fictitious character ‘Wrexy’. The idea was that Wrexy, a family friendly dinosaur would become their unofficial dealership mascot; establishing Melville Subaru as an approachable neighbourhood dealership while focusing on a family friendly theme.

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