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Business Marketing VS Consumer Marketing

Is your company Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C)? The buying habits of business and the buying habits of consumers have a lot of variation, so it’s vital to keep this top of mind when creating your business marketing plan.

Below we’ve created some simplified points about how to market to business versus how to market to consumers – but hey, sometimes your product may be marketed to both!

Content Length

  • B2B – More content is needed as businesses need to trust that you know what you’re talking about, and it will take them longer to make a buying decision
  • B2C – Generally less is more as consumers make decisions quicker and need sharp, to-the-point content

Brand loyalty

  • B2B – Businesses tend to be less loyal to other business brands than a consumer, as they’re always looking for the best deal to save the company money and improve efficiency.
  • B2C – Consumers tend to be more loyal as they buy more emotionally and often seek an association with a particular brand that they believe fits their lifestyle or personality.


  • B2B – The buying cycle takes far longer in the B2B world as decisions must be approved by several stakeholders in the company before going forward; but the reward is that these relationships tend to last longer and continue to buy.
  • B2C – Consumers will take less time to convert into a sale, particularly when influenced by a sale or deal, and generally don’t need to consult others before making a decision.


  • B2B – Jargon and industry only terms can be used to full effect.
  • B2C – Simplified language that anyone can understand is needed.


  • B2B – Based on logic, productivity and effectiveness.
  • B2C – Based on special offers, emotions and desires.

When it comes to marketing your company products or services the key is to know, understand and relate to your target buyers, no matter whether they are other businesses or individual consumers. Spend time understanding them and you’ll find your marketing will relate and improve out sight.

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