Marketing Industry Insights – October

BlogMarketing Industry Insights – October

Marketing Industry Insights – October

Facebook Marketing Perth

Facebook begins testing hiding like counts on posts.

Following on from the recent Instagram test, social media heavyweight Facebook has started to hide the number of likes on posts, meaning the overall number of reactions, views and likes can now only be seen by the post’s author. So far, the test rolled out across Australia from Friday 27 September, and was spotted in the UK from 4 October. The test also includes ads.

Sadly, many people obsessively check the number of likes they get on a post. Watching those likes rack up is akin to receiving a constant stream of dopamine bursts, and can be super addictive. I have known some friends with large followings on Instagram to pay for extra likes on posts, just because they feel embarrassed if they don’t reach a particular number.

It’s encouraging to see that social networks are now slowly attempting to undo some of the damage they have done by nurturing a culture of self obsession, envy and constant comparison.

sustainability marketing

Brands must take the reins on sustainability – filling the void.

Consumers are looking for leading authorities on sustainability. Progressive brands are tired of waiting on world governments to take real action on climate change, taking matters into their own hands. According to Nick Foley, sustainability needs a rebranding; and who does that better than marketers?

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