Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and E-Commerce.


Combining Digital, Media and Print with the right plan.


All mass media including Radio, TV, Press, Outdoor.


Graphic Design, Brand Creation, and Brand Management.


As a full service marketing agency, we ensure you receive the same high quality services across both traditional marketing, and digital marketing campaigns as you would in a specialist agency, by employing experts in those fields.

This gives our clients the confidence that both their media & online presence have consistent messaging, and a cohesive strategy.

Digital Marketing

Increasingly, digital marketing encompassing almost any marketing you can think of. So-called traditional media such as TV and Radio are more digital in nature than ever. The days of treating Digital Marketing as a separate silo or add-on are long gone. It is something that’s now essentially the price of being in business, as ever-present as electricity.

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Services Master Graphic - 652 x 652 (345) - R2 - DIGITAL MARKETING
Services Master Graphic - 652 x 652 (345) - R2 - STRATEGY


Without a plan in place, your marketing won’t have an impact. At The Marketing Mix, we develop your complete marketing strategy, so all your advertising efforts can be synchronised and have the impact they should.

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It is important to trust your brand with the people who understand communication and finding the voice of an organisation. Advertising is as much an art as a science. Conveying your brand’s message and product or service offering in a compelling way is critical. There is a fine line between messaging that draws people in to buy from you as opposed to simply selling to, or worse yelling at, people.

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Services Master Graphic - 652 x 652 (345) - R2 - MEDIA
Services Master Graphic - 652 x 652 (345) - R2 - CREATIVE


Getting your brand in front of customers is one aspect of being remembered. The other is generated by how creative your messaging is. People remember ads that stand out from the crowd, not the ones that blend in. Our team of creatives at The Marketing Mix can assist with telling your brands story and help it be remembered.

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Our Clients_

We are a full service, creative agency based in Perth, Western Australia. We pride ourselves on providing clients with “Better Thinking, Better Results” and transparency for all marketing activities.