Filming & Editing

TVCs, YouTube clips, corporate videos or web walk-throughs, The Marketing Mix have done it all. We know what equipment, personnel and talent is required for each style and we have the contacts to get it done professionally.

Motion Graphics

Our graphics design team deliver imaginative advertising based on digital creative content, directly targeted to our clients. We will work with you, to engineer a well-constructed concept that embodies your company and targets the relevant audiences.

Media Strategy & Buying

At The Marketing Mix we promote quality over quantity when it comes to the media. It’s not just about being seen – it’s about being seen by the right people, with the right creative and within budget.


The Marketing Mix have been producing radio and television commercials for years – so we’ve built up quite the contact book! Our graphics department and copywriters work closely with our list of trusted suppliers to produce outstanding commercials for our clients.

Display / Online

Display advertising lets you target your audience more precisely than ever before, with the added bonus of detailed reporting and analysis.


In the age of Instagram, Pinterest and online sharing, images are more powerful to advertisers than ever before.

Audio Composition

So often we focus on the visual aspect to advertising, forgetting there’s a whole world of sound out there! Music has a huge impact on human emotion, and is a fantastic way to really communicate and connect with your customers.

Cash Cube Promotions

At The Marketing Mix we have our very own recently renovated ‘Cash Cube’ available for short term rental for your next sale or promotional event.