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Facebook is testing a new multi, interest-based news feeds which can only be described as a “newspaper made up of all the world’s newspapers.”

The new update has come after Facebook discovered that users wanted to see more conversations about specific topics in their news feed that they are interested in.

With categories such as travel, style, recent news and “headlines”, it appears to be the latest example of Facebook trying out ways to relieve the news feed from being flooded by content. As Facebook is gaining more users daily, more content is posted, which has made it harder for Facebook to decide which content to show someone.

In the sneak peek given by Jason Stein, the founder and chief executive of US-based social media agency Laundry Service, Facebook offered 13 interest-specific categories that gather posts from friends and pages followed as well as posts from accounts that users do not directly follow, such as publications whose stories appear in the “headlines” feed.

According to Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the aim is to make the social networks news feeds “the best personalized newspaper.” But this is not really a new concept. Facebook previously released a version of interest-specific feeds called Paper, an iOS news reader app that delivers both human and algorithm-curated articles and photos in categories such as Tech, news, and Pop Culture.

Last year Facebook also began allowing users to control the frequency of posts they see from people in their news feed. A “trending” section was added to show users the most popular topics at the time. And earlier last year the social media network added a way for people to tell them whose posts they want to see first, whether it be a friend or a brand.

This new feature is currently in its testing phase, being released in December to only a select few in the US. There is currently no date or information pertaining to its release date.

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