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Australian Local Business Directories List

30 Australian Business Directories That Will Supercharge Your Local SEO Results


Having your site listed in Google Local pack is a valuable asset to any local business. But it’s not as easy as it once was to rank in these local pack results. Last year Google changed the local pack result 3 listing instead of 7, meaning it’s harder than ever to get local clicks.

Furthermore Google has confirmed it will be adding one paid result to this local pack listing. One of the major impacts in getting local pack results is valuable and consistent local business directory listings, along with the normal SEO ranking factors and Google my business factors such as reviews.

One of the first steps to your local SEO checklist should be including your site on trusty worth local business directories. Here at TMM our seo consultants compiled the ultimate list of Australian business directories. Each listing is broken down into its Alexa Rank and Moz Domain Authority. Furthermore we have compiled a list of business directories for each individual city so you target customers and rankings in each individual city.

How to find local directory listing?

A quick search of the web will find local directory listings. However often these sites are defunct, have problems with entering details and may ask for payment. Many of the directory listing here are 100 per cent free and provide valuable links back to your site. To streamline the process here are TMM we used the SEO link assist Tool from SEO Power Suite This allows TMM to search for potential links, assess their value and track their submissions in one place. But you don’t have to worry has we have done all the hard work for you by providing a spreadsheet of the complete list and their values.

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Why Submit your Site to Local Business Directories?

Consistent local listing also known as name, address and phone number (NAP) citations are a ranking factor for Google Search queries with a local intent. The important thing to remember is to keep all the details entered across these listings are consistent with your google my business page and contact details on your website. This creates trust with Google that your business is indeed located and it’s specified location and offers the services targeting. Another benefit to local listings is they can direct traffic back your site directly.

How To Assess What Is Valuable Local Business Directory Listing?

To ensure the most valuable possible is derived from this resources only the most valuable and trusted local listing are shown. Three metrics have been used to ensure to assess the value and risk of each site:
• Alexa Rank – Alexa is a website that ranks the top websites in the world.
• Moz Domain Authority – Moz DA is based on a 100 point scale and tracks the strength of a website to rank in search engines. Citations for high DA are more valuable
• Moz Spam Risk is a measure on a scale our of 17 that a site may be penalised for going against Google’s search quality guidelines. As long as the site is under 6 it’s relatively safe/

Australia Wide List of Local Business Directories

#Business DirectoryAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz Domain AuthorityMoz Spam Score

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Australian City Specific Local Business Directories for SEO

If you have a store front in one or cities it can be valuable to add your business to the local business listing for each individual cities. This can help google associate your business with location in each individual city you operate in.

Melbourne Local Business Directories List

Sydney Specific Local Directory List

Local Business SiteAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz Damain AuthorityMoz Spam Risk
DirectoriesAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz DAMaz Spam Risk

Perth Local Business Directories List

Listing SitesAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz DAMoz Spam Risk`0

Brisbane City Local Business Listing Sites

Prospect DomainAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz DAMoz Spam Risk

Adelaide Local Business Directories List

Prospect DomainAlexa Rank (Prospect)Moz DAMoz Spam Risk

Tips for Adding Your Site to Local Business Listings

Tip 1

It’s a good idea to set up a spreadsheet to track your activity as you add your site these listings. TMM have created one for you here so you don’t have to worry. We told you would make this easy.

Tip 2

Fill out all the details in full. Make sure you create unique and thorough product description pages. It’s better to write these our rather than copy them from your own website do avoid duplication issues.

Tip 3

Make sure your business isn’t included in the directory already. Most of the directories allow a search by business name. Often these directories scrape information from other sites so your site may be listed already. If your site details are wrong endeavor to add the correct details .

Tip 4

Make sure your name, address and phone number 100% per cent consistent across the site. That means include suite numbers, phone number extension etc.

There you that’s it. No go out and add your site to these sites and drive more traffic to your local business now!  If you would like to learn more about SEO and Digital Marketing check out the TMM blog.

Hopefully this is super helpful for you!

If you have any further tips or suggestions comment below.

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