Would you rather one marshmallow now, or two in 15 minutes time?

The same goes for marketing. Would you rather one result now, or a steady flow of results after building a brand? By focusing on short term outcomes, it is easy to begin to neglect the long-term well-being of a brand. The short-term satisfaction fades quickly and the resources used to produce these small wins aren’t justifiable in the long run. Taking the time to build a brand has time after time proven to be the most effective strategy in sustainable growth.

So, what do you think? One marshmallow or two?

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facebook marketing

Facebook could be following closely in the footsteps of Instagram by hiding the amount of likes on a post.

In an attempt to reduce the negative affects of mental health associated with Likes, Facebook is considering removing the show of likes. The shift will challenge influencers and marketers to create more authentic content and gain interactions based on their content rather than their followers’ actions influencing each other.

While aiming to create a positive environment for all users, it will be interesting to see how these changes affect businesses who heavily utilize social media – if at all.

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