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With Twitter becoming increasingly popular, we thought we’d better get on board here at The Marketing Mix. So click here to follow us! If you don’t have an account, think about getting on board now because it really is a fantastic way to interact and gather information.

As a business, Twitter is great because it allows you to send your customers information instantly as well as being able to communication with them one-on-one. George Patterson Y&R have a great article about how best to use social media like Twitter as a corporation. You can download it for free here.

The article gives 7 great strategies for businesses to succeed in the social media world and gives real examples of Australian company’s successes and failures to meet these strategies. Well worth a read, but if you’re feeling lazy we’ll give you a quick summary here!

1. Listening
Monitoring discussion across social media can enable your business to better understand what your consumers are saying about your product, or at least the industry you’re in. So get on Twitter and start listening to what people are saying because it’s the one of the best ways to get honest feedback without the need for customers to fill out surveys.

2. Customer Service
Facebook and Twitter allows personalised, instant customer service without the need for call centers and through a medium they have chosen. It also means this good customer service can be seen by other customers and projected across social networks.

3. Crisis Management
If your business has the misfortune to be in a crisis situation, social media allows you to reach customers and diffuse the situation before it hits mainstream media. Social media provides a platform to provide instant information to customers in a time of need. For example Qantus has been constantly Tweeting updates regarding current industrial action.

4. Content Distribution
Social media is a cost effective way to distribute information and brand updates to a large community of customers. It also allows your business to gather a large database of like-minded people.

5. Recruitment
It’s now easier than ever to show that your business is a great one to work for; by showcasing employees, culture and projects to the community. Social media such as LinkedIn allows you to generate networks and recruit new talent directly.

6. Community Engagement
Brands build positive relationships with their customers by creating branded communities; and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow your customers to collectively discuss their interest in your brand/product. This means more publicity for you and the potential to attract new followers.

7. Internal
Using social media can increase interaction between staff members, leading to co-creation and collaboration in otherwise segmented departments. This means better corporate culture and happy staff.


As you can see there are some huge benefits for company’s in the social media landscape, but you can’t just create an account and expect the customers to roll in. Social media only works if you stay relevent, keep updating and give customers a reason to follow or like you. So watch this space because in our next update we’ll tell you how to do exactly that.

*Still unsure about social media? Call The Marketing Mix on (08) 9204 3111 and we’ll send you a free copy of our social media package to get you started.

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