Let’s make it personal.

VIVD (Variable Image/Variable Data) is a technology that allows The Marketing Mix to create unique and personalised ‘one-to-one’ integrated communications. Unlike traditional mass communication, VIVD technology enables targeted marketing and the ability to tailor the message to suit individual needs and interests.

From existing customer information resources, such as customer relationship management (CRM) databases, we can create postcards, letters and newsletters that are personalised to each customer. Using the data that you have collected we can ensure each mail piece is tailored using your target’s name, address, gender and any other variable applicable to your industry.

VIVD provides many benefits for direct marketing campaigns, including:

  • A dramatic increase in response rates.
  • Personalisation that truly leverages ‘the creative multiplier’ using dynamic text passages, graphics and photographs.
  • The ability to integrate with your mainstream advertising.