Whether you’re interested in advertising in the newspaper, magazines, or journals, The Marketing Mix can assist with this widely used form of advertising. While some consider print media to be a dying resource, our team believes that print advertising still has a place in todays world.

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No matter who your target audience is, television is one of the best ways to engage in a visual and audio sense.



Radio advertising is a great way to utilise budgets of any size.



Cinema is a great way to engage with your target audience.



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Print media such as newspapers are also more of a trusted source of information, meaning the ads you place within the publications are trusted more than some other mediums. Studies also show that print readers have bigger attention spans. Readers are more likely to just purely focus on the newspaper and not have any distractions to draw them away from your brand.

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A first home builder in Perth approached us in 2018 with the need to develop a lead generation campaign through a wide range of digital mediums. Our team put a plan together and came up with creative concepts in which we believed would be the right messaging to generate leads in their target audience. The social media campaign over a 3 month period reached more than 650,000 people and generated a total of 1,571 lead forms at a cost of just $89.89 each which were submitted and delivered directly to the sales team.

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The team at The Marketing Mix have a long history with print media. Our team can help you to ensure you maximise the ROI on your next newspaper or magazine ad. Contact your account manager or give us a call on 6116 8110.

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