Praise the social media overloads, we have had our voices heard – Instagram is now allowing businesses to schedule posts on Instagram. Our shrine to Zuckerburg must be taking effect. After the news was announced, Twitter did this:

So why should business owners care about the Instagram platform change?

For a long time, Instagram was a place untouched, uninhabited. It was to Facebook what the pristine beaches of an island are to a fog-smothered, densely packed capital city. Over time, as Facebook began to change Instagram to be more in-line with its profit-creating system, Instagram has changed. We’ve seen changes to the algorithm, the advent of business accounts and advertising similar to that of Facebook.

However, the one sticking point that social media advertisers had with Instagram was the lack of ease in regards to posting. Facebook allows marketers to schedule posts and ensure that every day there is new content. A perfect situation; unfortunately, however, the organic reach on Facebook has dropped below a point that makes its extremely difficult to get any cut-through at all on the platform, without paying to play. In a sense, in order to make a dent, you need to invest in advertising on the Facebook platform.

Instagram, on the other hand, is still available for the taking. The use of hashtags and increased chance of organic traffic means that brands can still maintain some cut-through on the problem. The only problem was that Instagram posts had to be posted in the moment, as was originally intended for the platform. Today we know that content is becoming more and more curated and without a good strategy, it can be a massive time blackhole. If you did want to post on Instagram, a third-party system was required to schedule on your behalf, and this always comes with a cost.

But not anymore.

Instagram – armed with the power of their system – has now changed to allow businesses to schedule posts. So, what does this Instagram update mean for your business?

1) You will save time!
The most obvious thing that will happen with the new changes is that you will save time in your business. Reducing the amount of daily back-and-fro with Instagram will save you a great deal of time in the long run.
2) You will need a strategy more than ever!
Now that Instagram has allowed scheduling, there is a chance that the content will tend to go stale and feel forced because there is no original thought. This will mean that marketers, more than ever, will require a strong strategy to keep their Instagram on top.
3) You will need to pay!
This appears to be the first step on the path to reducing all organic reach on Instagram. Marketers should be aware that this is the next step and should begin to factor Instagram spend into their marketing budget. In the interim, you should be working to increase your following and get that #f4f mojo flowing.

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