Swan Valley Wines

Swan Valley Wines 2014 EXTENT Label

After aging for 2 years, Swan Valley Wines’ latest experimental small batch ‘EXTENT’ blend was ready for release and required labelling. The design was inspired by the labels of old, with a nod to French label Clos De L’oratoire Des Papes (http://www.closdeloratoire.fr) while maintaining the quirkiness of the original Extent labels.

The new labels feature a custom die line playing on the big top of a circus tent while utilising Swan Valley Wines’ patented crest shape, with stamp franking along the bottom for added vintage effect. Printed with fluorescent orange and metallic gold over a customised cream background colour on Matt paper wine label stock, to further promote Swan Valley Wines’ environmental and natural credentials.

Extent 1

Extent 3

The Result

An immediately recognisable label that really stands out, particularly from other Swan Valley varietals. The client is extremely happy and feedback from customers has been extremely positive. On a recent visit to other wineries in the Swan Valley, The Marketing Mix were praised by other wineries for the overall design and execution of this exciting new label.

Extent 2

Extent 4 - Previous Label

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