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Impreza Campaign

The objective of the “Impreza Campaign” was to target potential small car buyers- actioned through a media buy with the intent of highlighting the benefits of choosing the Impreza over the dozens of other small car brands.

After being briefed on the target market, we had a week to put together a November TV schedule across Western Australia and South Australia, to hit the crowded small car market and have some substantial cut through. The client wanted increased enquiry and test-drives on the Impreza models, which is reported by the individual Subaru dealers within each state and also wanted to see an increase in sales.

The Result

After looking through historical data for the past two years, we noticed an overall trend of consumers waiting until the final days of the month before going through with their intended purchase. We believe this is due to consumers wising up and knowing that their sales person will be more eager to close the deal before the new month begins. Hence we ran a strong 2 week campaign with a heavy spend targeted towards the end of the month, knowing that consumers will be more engaging during this time.

We ran a 30 second creative advertisement across key demographics using a top and tail strategy as much as possible to get viable saturation and cut through in key programming. Taking advantage of Subaru’s strong brand loyalty allowed us to focus on peak times with 85% spots appearing within peak periods. Aiming to target content with the strongest viewer quantity, such as NEWS and Current Affairs programs plus reality TV for the younger audience.

The client witnessed a 24% increase in traffic to the website with a 21% increase in enquiry and a 15% increase in sales over the campaign period. Even in the 5 week period after the campaign finished, sales were maintained, the results of a very successful campaign.

Credit: Subaru Australia TVC

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