Our auto brand client was struggling to connect with a younger demographic aged under 35.


Working together, our Creative and Strategy teams identified Spotify and streaming radio as being relevant and powerful mediums to reach a younger and highly engaged audience. Due to the intimate nature of these platforms, where listening is predominantly done on headphones and mobile, we devised 3D audio creative to fully engage this captive audience.

To reflect the tech-savvy nature of the brand’s target audience we recommended our client promote a feature they had never highlighted before – its technology solutions.

Taking advantage of the audience targeting opportunities available in these platforms, we created multiple versions of the client’s audio ads, each delivered to the most relevant listeners possible. Listeners who were listening on Apple devices heard ads highlighting Apple CarPlay features while Android listeners heard ads promoting Android Auto.

Our Creative team added a further layer of personalisation with each version voiced respectively by male and female talent, in order to gain insights and measure results.

These layers of personalisation and customisation enabled our Digital team to have a range of options available at their fingertips when optimising to ensure the strongest results.


Our client’s messaging was delivered to over 500,000 unique listeners over 4 weeks. Campaign results also saw a measurable spike in site traffic from users clicking through for more information on the vehicles and dealer locations.