Hurricane Lures

Hurricane Lures - Branding & Product Packaging

Hurricane Lures are a Victorian based designer and manufacturer of fresh water fishing lures for the domestic market. The Marketing Mix created a distinctive brand for Hurricane, featuring a twisted bream that forms a shield. Various colourways are then used to differentiate products in the range.

The Result

The Marketing Mix has worked on all assets of the Hurricane brand, from the initial logo creation, to the product packaging, specification sheets, website skin, social media posts, merchandise, and even a custom vinyl wrap for sponsored fishermen’s kayaks!

The lure packaging is quite unique; featuring a full colour print plus white over silver mylar coated board, which is custom die-cut to form a glue-free interlocking system to secure the lure and present it in a retail environment. The packaging is colour coded to each lure type, of which there are then multiple lure colours within that range. These are displayed via a sticker on the bottom of the package to denote the lure type and colour within.

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