Global Surface Mining

Global Surface Mining - Corporate Gift

Global Surface Mining was looking to create a unique, high quality corporate gift for their customers and requested The Marketing Mix provide some options within their budget and quantity requirements. We provided a plethora of ideas, ranging from a high-end Tasmanian Whiskey, with branded tumblers in a custom gift-box to the outright crazy custom laser-engraved full size broad sword. Yes, a sword! Where we struck a real chord though, was in the fact that their customers travel a lot, and we all know how poor airline headphones can be, especially when the flight is noisy.

The Result

We worked with retailer JB Hi-Fi to secure a large order of Sony noise cancelling headphones (Our Creative Director, Aron had recently bought and used a pair on his travels, and highly recommended them). We then utilised our extensive packaging knowledge to create a custom printed gift box for Global Surface Mining, which features cold matt laminate to resist fingerprint marks, and a spot gloss UV. We replicated the product information across the package and complied with the Sony style guide to ensure a quality outcome. Inside was a customised inlay sheet with a message to the customer from Global Surface Mining, as well as the custom printed Headphones which feature a colour-matched silver Global Surface Mining logo on both sides.

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