Borrello Graham Lawyers

Borrello Graham Lawyers - Logo clean up.

Borrello Graham Lawyers is an independent Western Australian law firm specialising in a core range of services focussing on Property, Dispute Resolution and Corporate Advisory. Following the merger of two firms and the forming of the new Borrello Graham Lawyers, the branding project was outsourced by the client and a short run of stationery produced. The Marketing Mix was then consulted to tidy up the brand and ensure consistency across all collateral.

The Result

We started by addressing the balance between the logo and the type, increasing the logo size to equal 3x the ‘h’ height (from the word Graham). This was then spaced ‘1h’ away from the main lettering, and the LAWYERS wording changed to uppercase and ‘1/2h’in height, spaced ‘1/2h’ down from the main lettering. The lines either side of ‘LAWYERS’ were also spaced ‘1h’ away from the wording and centered. It was this simple rationale that completely changed the balance of the logo, resulting in a far neater, cleaner look for Borrello Graham Lawyers. The new logo has since been rolled out across all stationery, signage and online.

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