gets you more Twitter followers! gets you more Twitter followers! gets you more Twitter followers!

This is a great service from the guys at that allows you to quickly and simply (and I mean real quick and super simple) create an online newspaper that can be viewed by anyone. Essentially what happens is stories from your followers and yourself are grabbed by the application and transformed into a newspaper.

Also selected are genres such as business, entertainment, sport etc which you can select to include. These selection allow the application to pull relevent stories and publish them in your online newspaper. Check out our paper; The Marketing Mix Daily. We’ve embedded a headline link directly into the blog!

Now the best way to use this service is to integrate it into your Twitter account, allowing your newspaper to be updated daily and tweeted to your followers. Now, unlike the majority of tweets which are seen only by your followers, this service can really ensure new potential followers see your tweet.

How? Well, when you create your paper you can select certain #tags, twitter search words, Twitter users or a number of ‘streams’ that will add stories to your paper. For example, for our paper The Marketing Mix Daily I have selected #marketing #perth #advertising and #socialmedia to pull stories. But the most important part is what happens next. When you promote your paper (this can be automatically selected when creating or editing your paper) the top stories by twitter users are @mentioned. For example:

Now Cars Guide will get this notification and may retweet us to their followers (increasing our reach) or follow us back. As you edit and target your paper further, more people are @mentioned and will hopefully follow and retweet you. Not only does this mean more followers for your business but it also means more targeted followers. The people who see your paper will be people interested in your topic/s and people in your industry. And these are the people you want following you. You can also embed your entire paper in your blog or website, pretty cool huh? This is ours below.

So what are you waiting for? Head to and start building your daily newspaper. Just remember to think about who you want to target and create a paper that’s going to pull the right info and stories to engage those people. Also ensure you make it specific to your industry – otherwise you may confuse people and it also means you don’t have authority on the subject (even though you don’t write the stories yourself!) Good luck and happy publishing!

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