Marine Industry – A Digital Marketing Case Study

BlogMarine Industry – A Digital Marketing Case Study

Marine Industry – A Digital Marketing Case Study

The Brief

In late 2015 The Marketing Mix were approached by a Perth based company in the marine and leisure industry to develop a marketing strategy that would grow their brand and generate new customers. With new ownership, the client wanted to break away from the existing reputation and quickly cement their brand as a marketing leader within their niche. The strategy required an integrated approach between traditional and digital marketing although the client prioritised a strong presence on all digital channels

The Strategy

Two key objectives were identified for this campaign;

  1. Generate leads & sales
  2. Grow brand awareness within the market

The Digital Marketing team at The  Marketing Mix worked closely with the client to provide an integrated digital marketing strategy that would achieve these objectives. The client was advised that the key areas of focus for digital channels were;

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website Updates & Content Marketing
  • Facebook advertising and content

The Work and Results


The Marketing Mix set up PPC campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. A series of effective ads were created through ad targeting using keywords, site links and extensions which drove the success of this campaign.

400 Leads Generated

$26 Per Lead


The SEO campaign involved optimising all on site variables and white hat link building. In addition to targeting the major keywords for the brand, the campaign focused on targeting long tail queries to broaden the search volume received by this site.

The result: 210% increase in organic search traffic since the campaign commenced.

Website and Content Marketing

Utilising the website’s blog and company Facebook page, content that engaged with the clients key target market was developed. The aim was to increase traffic to the website through long tail search terms while generating shares and mentions from social media.

Google Analytics Capture - Marine Industry


Facebook has been utilised to generate leads and grow the brand by engaging the clients target market on social media. The team at The Marketing Mix recommended content to the client and generated content internally. Facebook’s ads platform was also used to promote offers and deals which generated more than 170 leads for the client directly.

A Strong Following on Social Media

Capture Facebook Page Likes - Marine Industry

Relevant Content That Engages Facebook Users

BOTW Screen Capture - Marine Industry

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