It’s a new year and there’s bound to be be some new marketing initiatives on the rise. Recently this article by Head of Ford Social Media Marketing Scott Monty came floating through our office emails.

Naturally being written by someone from Ford it is in no way an objective article, but it certainly shows that there really is some hi-tech marketing going on in the automotive industry. Being that aorund 70% of our clients are automotive dealers we like to keep a close watch on new forms of marketing technology; and this campaign for the new Ford Fusion is certainly out-there.

Essentially customers can download an app for their iPhone/iPad which gives them a video-game-like ability to ‘drive’ the new Ford Fusion before it’s official release date. You can do this by finding Ford logos around in print, on your car or online and using you mobile to take a picture. This then launches the game and unlocks new components. Pretty darn cool, right?


Now, iPhone applications are not cheap to make, especially something like the Ford Fusion app. By spending so much on this launch (as well as the regular advertising they will no doubt still be pushing) it really highlights the way marketing is heading now in 2012. Social media, mobile apps and online marketing really are the way things are going.

As a marketing company ourselves we’re always researching new methods of marketing effectively for our clients. The words we’ll be pushing this year? Digital and social!

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix

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