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Looks pretty neat doesn’t it? Plus it only took me about 5 minutes to get it working properly, which in our busy days in the office is actually quite a benefit! So let’s talk about what this new Twitter feature means for your business’ marketing strategy.


So this is the new ’embeddable tweet’ released by Twitter and it allows you to expand your Twitter reach to more of your online community by embedding fully functioning tweets into your blog or website. It means those who read your blog or see your company’s website can immediately reply to one of your embedded tweets and join in the conversation. So by ‘fully functioning’ I mean that the tweet is totally interactive and click-able, as you can see above. Users can instantly follow you, retweet you, view your profile and repy to the tweet in question. That is providing they’ve remained signed into their twitter account, and I think we all pretty much do seeing as no-one as come up with the frape for Twitter yet.

And fingers crossed that they do not.

What then, is the difference between this new embedded tweet and the current live Twitter streams we have for blogs and websites? We’ve got one right there on your left. Well, the good thing about the live feed is that it automatically updates with your latest tweets, hence no real work for lazy old you. However it is mostly all text, while embedded tweets look a lot more appealing with the profile image and replica of what you would see signed into Twitter. We all love pretty pictures, right?

The current feed also doesn’t allow you to click on the tweets themselves; only any links you’ve included. You do have a follow me on Twitter link but again it’s not quite as appealing as the lovely follow button you get with the embedded tweet.

Just so adorable. Now, on to the function of the embedded tweet. Why should we go to the effort of putting it up there in the first place? Apart from looking really cool and technologically savvy, the point of embedding a tweet on your website makes sense for a lot of tweets you may receive or send. The one above for us includes a competition for users to enter, which in itself has great clicking potential (in fact after reading this you should click yourself and try to win a BBQ). But the main reason has got to be customer feedback. If someone says something oh-so-nice about your product or service then why not embed it for all to see and share? This could include one off tweets from customers or replies to one of your own tweets. One of the great things about this new feature is if you choose to embed a reply tweet then Twitter automatically includes the original tweet the user commented about. This way reply tweets don’t get lost in translation. For example if we want to embed this reply to one of our tweets it would look like this:


It really is a great way to highlight customer interaction on your blogs/websites and encourage users to engage with you on Twitter and create new followers. And I think these can be used in conjunction with a live Twitter feed; that way you’ve always got your live Tweets coming through and you can choose to highlight standout tweets; the real gold stars. So by now you’re probably screaming ‘but how do I embed a tweet’ so just follow this link and it will show you step by step. Good luck!

Thanks very much to the Social Media Examiner for the info and instruction manual.

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